Sl.No. Particulars Status
1. Sitting capacity in the Reading Room
2. Number of Books  5300
3. Number of Titles  600
4. No. of Reference books like Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries etc,
5. Name of Journals Subscribed
i)  Journal of Indian Education
ii)  Journal of Value Education
iii)  Journal of Indian Education
iv)  Indian Educational Review
v) Primary Teacher Journal
6. Number of books added during the previous academic session  0
7. Number of books added during the current acdemic session  15

ICT Resource Centre

Sl.No. Particulars Status
1. Number of Computer systems  05
2. Availability of Internet facility  Yes
3. Accessibility of Internet facility to students  Yes
4. Number of CD ROMs  10
5. Number of Resources added during the Current Session Name of the Resource  0
6. Number of Resources added during the previous academic session Name of the Resource  0

Arts & Craft Resource Centre

Sl.No. Particulars
1. Saw , Drill set
2. Hammer , Cutter
3. Cane
4. Bamboo
5. Wood
6. Nail , Measuring Tape

Curriculum Lab Resource Centre

Sl.No. Resources for Curriculum Laboratory Write “A” for Available & “NA” for not Available
1. Resources for English Language  A
2. Resources for Science Education  A
3. Resources for Social Science Education  A
4. Resources for Resgional Language Education  NA
5. Resources for Core Mathematics  A
6. Overhead Projector/Notice Boards/Black Boards  A
Number of resources added during the previous academic session  NA

Physical Education Resource Centre

S.No. Particulars
1. Football , Vollyball , Net
2. Badminton Net, Shuttle
3. Hockey Sticks, Yoga Mat, Carrom Board
4. Chess
Number of Resources added during the Current Session Name of the Resource


In this area modern teaching aids such as videos, audio tapes, overhead projector and slide projector are available. Students are to avail of such opportunities. Interactive and participative learning/teaching methodologies are also encouraged.


Annual games and sports of the college will be held every year.


  • The College strives at library- centered approach. As such the students are encouraged to utilize the college library for self-directed reading activities to increase accumulation of knowledge and reading skills.
  • Students are to obtain library cards for all purpose to avail of the library facilities.
  • The Changing pattern of education demands many devices and materials to achieve dynamic approach and such can be truly realized through library.
  • Cardholder students are allowed to borrow one book at a time for 2days only.


Hostel facilities for both male and female students are available.


Cash award will be given to the FIRST CLASS TOPPER of the TRINITY TEACHER TRAINING COLLEGE, every year at the pass out ceremony.