General Information

General Information

Trinity Teacher Training College
Imphal East, Manipur.
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Year of Establishment

i) Teacher Education Programmes (s) offered in the Institution

Sl.No. Programme No. & Yrs of NCTE Recg Sanctioned in take
1. B Ed F.ERC/NCTE/APE00196/B.Ed.(Revised Order)/2015/3FR1 150

ii) Details of Affiliation

Sl.No. Programme Name of Affiliating University No. & Yrs of Affiliation
1. B ED Manipur University MU/1-66/2004/CDC-1/36 2008

iii) Status of Affiliation
iv) Type of Management (Mark which is applicable)
State University, Self-financing Institution
v) In the case of Government aided or Self-financing Institution, mentions if the institution is managed by
Registered Society
vi) Status of the Institution (Mark which applicable)
Independent Institution offering only Teacher Education Programme(s)
vii) Institution meant for
viii) Accessibility
Whether accessible in all-wether and through Pucca Road
Name of the Nearest Railway Station