Governance Body

Governance Structure

a) Has the institution Constituted the Management Committee.

If yes display the composition along with names of the members mention their names, Qualification, Profession/Occupation etc.
Details of the member of the Management Committee.

Sl No Name Educational Qualification Professional Occupation Designation
1.  A. Indira Devi  B.A  Educationist  Chairman
2.  W. Anilkumar Singh  M.A, M.Ed, Ph.D  Educationist  Secretary
3.  P. Dhanabir Singh  M.A, M.Dhil  Educationist  member
4.  L. Kabita Devi, M.Ed  Educationist  Member
5. W. Subhanam Singh  M.A  Educationist  Member

i. Profession/Occupation: Educationist, Business, Agriculture, Medical Professional, etc.
Designation: Chairman, Member Secretary, Correspondent, Manager etc.
No.of meeting of the Management Committee held during the Previous academic session: 4
Has institution established a Grievance Redressal Mechanism? No

Has the institution established anti-ragging mechanism? No

Has the institution constituted the Quality Assurance Cell?

Mention if any other structure has been created to enhance effectiveness of the Institution.
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Academic session in respect of which above information in Part II is provided.
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