Rules and Regulations


  • To be seated in the class 10 minutes before the class begins.
  • Attendance will be marked in the attendance register every period.
  • Proxy is not allowed.
  • Silence is golden in the class.
  • Punctuality in attendance is MOST INPORTANT.
  • Manner:- ‘May I come in’ , ‘May I go out’ , ‘Yes Sir’ or ‘Yes Madam’ or ‘Yes Miss’ , etc are to be used in the class and off the campus.
  • Dress should be simple ,neat and clean. Boys and girls are not allowed to wear jeans.
  • Smoking and chewing pan are strictly prohibited.
  • Students are encourage to utilize the library during the college hours.
  • Periodicals, articles, books other than the prescribed or related to the course are not allowed.
  • No function or collection of fund for any purpose is allowed without the permission of the Principal of the college or the Chairman of the Managing Board
  • Throw lunch scraps and fruit peels ,etc in the dustbin.
  • In the absence of any teacher in the class, report to the Principal for alternative arrangement.
  • Late coming and leaving the campus during college hours is not allowed.
  • The college is your Alma and cause no damage and ugly face.


75% of attendance of class lecture is treated as REGULAR.

Note: M.U. Examination rules do not permit Dis-Collegiate students to appear the Final Examination. This will apply to practical also.